What to Do if Your Business Has Been Robbed

In our current societal era, we have seen time and time again that theft is always a scenario that can happen to anyone. Whether the thief is just a stranger or an employee of your workplace, it’s still a scary situation to be placed in. Did you know that twenty percent of claims made to insurance companies from small businesses are related to burglary and theft?  Each incident can be costing a company $8,000 on average. There is no full-proof way to protect your business from becoming victim to a robbery or theft, but there are a few things you can do to help protect your business if it does happen. We’ve compiled the three best insurance coverage policies for your business’ protection, as well as, some additional measures to add to your commercial building and process.  

Obtain a Business Owner’s Policy 

A business owner’s policy, more commonly known as a BOP, bundles together property insurance protection and general liability insurance. This results in a more affordable rate than if you were to purchase each policy separately. This policy allows for businesses to save money while also getting coverage for potential losses such as damages or theft.  

Add Commercial Property Insurance 

Commercial property insurance can help compensate your business for items stolen from the premises. The items can include supplies, equipment, inventory, and furnishings. Along with compensation, it helps protect your assets and business space no matter if it is owned or leased.  

Inland Marine Insurance 

Inland marine insurance is there to help cover items of higher value. Along with items, this coverage includes property that you own that can leave the business building. This can mean equipment and tools that moves from location to location such as cameras, tools, and catering gear that will hold a higher opportunity of loss. This insurance policy is great have because it tends to cover a large range of items that aren’t typically covered by standard insurance policies.  

Additional Steps to Take 

Aside from protecting yourself and your business through insurance coverages, there are additional steps that can be made to keep your business safe from potential threats. Below is a list of items to think about adding to your business for extra protection.  

  • Install CCTV cameras (Security Camera) 
  • Install an alarm system 
  • Keep tabs on every office entry key 
  • Perform full background checks on potential employees during the hiring process 

Looking to know more about how to protect your business from the unexpected? Reach out to your local agent to learn more.